Prokura is the procurement Management System developed by CICRA Solutions which enables to standardize, streamline, and automate traditional manual Procument processes. As a result, purchase approvals are easily managed, and resources can be assigned for more strategic activities.

Why Prokura?

  • A SASS based subscription solution with flexible payment scheme
  • Paperless processing
  • Eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition and maintenance
  • Data Security – Industry leader of Software Security in Sri Lanka
  • Automatic software updates
  • Easy Accessibility

Comprehensive vendor management abilities

Pre-qualify and shortlist preferred vendors can be selected to mitigate future conflictions

Accessibility of data and analytical capability

As the retrieval process of data is possible when and where needed, it would be a great support for decision-making purposes.

Capability to set delegated authorities

Authority level can be defined as per the Key Result Areas and proper management of organizational resources among delegates for each authority level.

Easy sign-on Process & approval procedure

Respective business users will be notified for pending approvals through the system and real time approval status will be updated for easy monitoring.

Paperless processing

Automate the key parts of the procurement management process for greater speed and efficiency