Enterprise application development

We focused on providing enterprise application development service. We are having experience working with different sizes across different domains with providing development services with customer business objective and project requirement. An enterprise application is large-scale software that aimed to provide full life cycle support of application to progress reliability, visibility, privacy, security and support and solve the problem of entire company

IT Product Support and Professional Services

By introducing a dedicated team as a Support team, our main focus is to provide a better devoted service to our customers. We are providing dedicated 24 / 7 / 365 call centre and online Support System is available for all clients. We have our own devoted method to track each customer inquiries and deliver them a quick and satisfied service. Our Support Engineers are committed to deliver their utmost support to develop the product requirement and assist each issues and queries identified and reported, and also responded them in a timely manner.

IT resource outsourcing

Outsourcing playing a major role and growing rapidly and competently in IT sectors and it provide trusted partnership between the service provider and the customer. IT resource outsourcing provide service from the third-party instead of performing in-house operation of the organization. This service enabling organization to building procedure to facilitate organization growth opportunities, invest operational cost and time also we provide faster flexible and effective services.

Business Process Re-engineering

Business process reengineering (BPR) is used to analyse and redesign of workflow from the initial stage with a renewed focus on with and between the organizations’. Business process reengineering involves to achieve significant improvement in productivity, cost efficiency, quality and time consuming. We are focusing to provide exact business needs of the customer, business process across the organization and for better decision making. Our organization start with a blank sheet of paper and redesign the existing process to deliver invaluable product to the customer.

IT application life cycle management

Our organization will be used as described in the project charter is the Hybrid module of Agile (Scrum) and Waterfall methodology. The reason for the application of a hybrid methodology is to ensure that the constraints of a typical agile project and a traditionally approached projects to be minimized and maximize the benefits that could be gained using both the approaches. The project methodology can be illustrated as follows; project initiation, requirement gathering, application design, development, quality assurance, deployment and phase delivery.