Taksado is a strategy execution, Monitoring & Evaluations software that provides the complete suite of features required in order to measure project-level or organization-wide performance. This helps to create results frameworks, collect data across various projects, and evaluate performance through analytics and dashboards. This also capable of setting of easily through predefined templates. Project Indicators can be built by using various variables available in the system.

Why Taskadora?

  • A SASS based subscription gives you direct access to world-class experts fluent in the M&E platform as well as on enterprise architecture.
  • No installation required
  • 24 * 7 dedicated global support Service.
  • Data Security – Industry leader of Software Security in Sri Lanka
  • Clear Product Road Map – Four Releases per year. No Additional charge for road map features & Regular system testing and enhancements

Reporting and knowledge sharing

• Visualize your up-to- date project information and progress using simplified configurable dashboards.
• Create your own Reporting and easy collaboration your thoughts by sharing your report with your partners and stakeholders.
• Progress updates from the field itself thorough mobile devices

Import your all project data through single eco system

• Built your own survey using our Survey Tool
• Seamlessly integration with our APIs any platform.
• Build & maintain your own database if required.

Use M&E toolkit without no effort

• Creating indicators, to collecting data, to monitoring performance and progress to eventually reporting results in real-time.
• Built Result Framework through Graphical Navigation
• Progress updates from the field itself thorough mobile devices without any delay.